Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Day Project: Day 4

Buy a book for a friend...that's the challenge for today!

I've been dying to read this book...

ever since I watched this video...

Watch it!! If you hear yourself this in video then you should read this book too!

I really feel like God is going to speak something really good to my heart through this book and I'm so excited about it!

I have an amazing friend, Shelby, who I so wanted to read this book as well...but I couldn't afford to buy a book for me and a book for, I ordered one while it was crazy on sale online and figured I'd read it really quickly and pass it along to Shelby.

But, then, this amazing lady from

sent me a text this morning saying that for her Happy Day Project...she would be sending me a copy of "Grace for the Good Girl" and guess what???
it's even signed by Mrs. Emily herself...what? So awesome!

Isn't it funny how we give out of our own need and God sees our desires and blesses us in the most unexpected ways through amazing people in our lives!

I love that about Him!

Thank you, sweet Jenni!

And, Shelby, I have a book to give you! HA!!

*Oh, and on a side note...we have our first vendor's meeting for our Christmas Boutique here in Wheaton! So excited to talk to everyone and really get the ball rolling!!
Check out our event Blog!

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