Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Day Project: Day 3

Day 3: Give a gift card to someone who is homeless

So, I jumped into the Happy Day Project loving the idea of being challenged
to do an act of kindness every day this week alongside 
others all over the country. It's an exciting thing!

However, after looking at the challenges, I also realized that some of them 
would not be easy for me to do and would need some adapting.
We are very tight financially right now as my husband looks for a job here 
in a gift card, or a book, or ANYTHING
is next to impossible.

But, I didn't want this to stop me from taking on the spirit if the challenge.
So, I've just had to make modifications along the way...
"ain't no thang!"

So, today...instead of a gift card to someone in need...
we sent a food donation to Micah's school for the annual food drive!

I know what you're chocolate?? It was on the list...promise!!
And everyone deserves a treat, right?! HA!

Someone will be blessed by our small but yummy donation 
AND we had an opportunity to show our boys how we can
help others in need! WIN WIN!

Happy Day!!

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