Thursday, February 7, 2013

A New Look and Asking for Help...

Hi, there!
Do you like the new look??
The lovely Danielle helped me out with a new blog design.

And I love it!! 

Same style just a little cleaner, which I'm all about lately!

I've been crazy busy around here...
mostly with the amazing work of making and selling items
for our adoption!

I've been so overwhelmed by people's support of our adoption,
and just general love of what I've been creating!
(which is always encouraging for creative types! HA!)
If you haven't seen some of the things I'm making, here's some pics!

I've been making tons of custom "hoops" and selling them on Instagram!
Do you follow me on IG? @storehousevintage for my sale items!

It's been so fun to hear people's words for the year or 
words they find important to be reminded of...

We also had Danielle design us some sweet cards to put in with each
hoop purchase!

"Bringing our girls home one hoop at a time!"

Love it!

I have also been doing some thrifting and going to estate sales to find
vintage things to sell as well! I do little insta-sales on Instagram sporadically!!

So, there's been invoices to make, items to wrap and ship,
post office runs to make, and every time I do it...
I think...
"We're getting one step closer to bringing our girls home!!"

It's been an adventure for sure and I'm so thankful for people
all over the country that are becoming a part of our story!

I also had a chance to set up a little "shop" table at a local
Chik-fil-a event the other week too!
It was mother/daughter night!

I made a few sales, which was awesome and I got to connect
 with a few local moms who have adopted and who I have
run into around town before. That was fun!

Chik-fil-a is so generous and we're planning a fundraiser night
 with them for some time in the spring!

God has continued to amaze me at how He has abundantly provided has laid to rest all lies and fears that "it's impossible!"
Because on our is...but with Him...

I'm so thankful that we're IN HIM!
That I don't have to "pull this off"!!

So, if your interested...
come check out items for sale on my Instagram!!
You can pay through Paypal and I ship all over the States.


I'd love to ask for help with supplies!
If you have scrap fabric that you'd like to donate for the hoops
(preferably in long pieces that can become strips and colorful prints),
or wooden embroidery hoops, or packaging materials that you don't
want or need...I would love to have them!!
You could even donate to our Paypal account for us to be able
to purchase mailing envelopes, bubble wrap, etc in bulk on Ebay!

Any help with these type of things, means that more of the proceeds
from sales go towards our adoption!
And i also realize that some people might want to jump in and help,
but don't necessarily want to buy anything. 
And that's great!

So, email me if you have materials you would like to donate!
Thanks so much!

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